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Adaptive learning for Common Core mathematics

  • Over 30 adaptive math books for Common Core
  • Grades 4 to 8 and important High School topics
  • More than 100,000 questions with explanations
  • All interactive books available in English and Spanish

One place, over 100,000 questions

Adaptive maths

Inspires that aha effect

There are no dead ends with bettermarks. Right from the start, every learning type can find an exercise to fit. Start off with guided exercises, then work step by step through series and topics that get progressively more difficult. The student is never simply left alone – diverse forms of help are just a click away, before, during and after any particular question. If the student still has problems in an area, bettermarks automatically recommends exercises to close the knowledge gaps it identifies. This gives every student the opportunity to learn at their own pace.
maths tablet and smartphione

Allow mistakes

Much more than multiple choice: Using over 100 interactive tools, students can make mistakes online just as they can on paper.

Allow mistakes

Much more than right or wrong: bettermarks analyses answers, recognises the right approach and identifies repeated error patterns.

Allow mistakes

bettermarks provides immediate feedback with constructive suggestions and detailed, full explanations to allow students to learn from their mistakes.

Automatic reporting

All results at a glance

All activities and results of your students are displayed in real-time 

Who did their tasks?

You can see straight away how many students have already worked on a topic and what knowledge gaps they have attempted to close.

How well did they do?

You get a direct report of how well individual students did on an exercise and how they are progressing in general.

Where did they have difficulty?

The system tells you which questions caused problems for the class or for individuals.

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